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Chris Barnhart iWalk
David A. Walsh Senior Engineering Technician, Advanced Mechanical Technology Inc.
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Kennedy and Violich Architecture, Ltd.
Westerbeke Corporation
Glenn Amber Director of Engineering, Westerbeke Corporation
Sheila Kennedy Director of Design & Applied Research: MATx Principal: Kennedy & Violich Architecture, Ltd.
"I also wanted to thank you for your prompt and very thorough review and correction of our issues from last week. You have addressed all of our problems with good solutions, plus offered some possible improvements that demonstrate that you are really thinking about our product and ways to make it better. Your responsiveness and attention to us as a customer are second to none, especially in light of the pressure of short delivery that we force on you in some cases (ok, actually in most cases). I consider LTronics among our most valued and trusted vendors."
Sheila Kennedy Director of the Portable Light Project   www.portablelight.org BOSTON-  The Portable Light Project was selected as one of the top 100 Non Government Organization's worldwide in the international ranking of leading NGO's prepared by The Global Journal of Geneva, Switzerland, a publication which addresses the issues and people shaping global governance today. The Portable Light Project, a non-profit research, design and engineering initiative established by KVA MATx, creates new ways of delivering portable, de-centralized solar energy in the developing world. The Global Journal's list" said Sheila Kennedy, Director of the Portable Light Project. In 2012 Portable Light expands to the Amazon region of Brazil with partners Instituto EDP of Brazil and the Inter-American Development Bank and US collaborators L-Tronics, Inc. and Linear Tech, Inc. Web Link: http://theglobaljournal.net/top100NGOs
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Quality is defined as Perfect Conformance to our customer’s requirements.
Tasha Stanton Vis-A-Vis, Inc.
Thanks so much for working hard over the weekend! Have a great Memorial Day!
Richard Northrup SAL Technology
Read AMTI Tesimonial
Strobe Approach  Lighting Technology
Honor Award for Design Excellence
Soft House Project
Curtain Track with integrated data & power transmission  – Fabricated by L-Tronics Inc.
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