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Design Engineering, mixed technology, RoHS & tin lead PCB assembly, Cable/Harnesses and box build manufacturing with available dedicated custom test fixtures.
Our successes include manufacturing for commercial ventures, MIT, Stanford, WPI and the Boston City Hall Traffic System.
Success Stories:
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Littlefield Associates Website: littlefield-associates.com
Innovent Vector Controls V-J Electronic Assemblies
Servomex Website: servomex.com
V-J Electronic Assemblies Website: vjassemblies.com
Thayer Scale
Thayer Scale Website: thayerscale.com
Vector Controls Website: vcinc.com
VTI Medical Website: vtimedical.com
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Westerbeke Corporation Williamson Corporation
Vis-A-Vis Website: vitalinq.com
Williamson Corporation Website: williamsonir.com
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KVA Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Website: mit.edu
Kennedy and Violich Architecture Website: kvarch.net
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Boston Engineering Housing Devices, Inc.
Housing Devices Website: housingdevices.com
C3 Medical Device Consulting Website: c3mdc.com
CDI Meters Website: cdimeters.com
Olympus Website: olympus-ims.com
Pac Website: paclp.com
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Website: wpi.edu
Dymax Corporation Website: dymax.com
Innova Designs Project: innova-designs.com
Perkins School for the Blind Website: perkins.org
Exergen Corporation Website: exergen.com
AMTI Website: amti.biz
A. S. Thomas
A. S. Thomas Website: www.ASThomas.com
PBSC Urban Solutions (Canada) Website: pbsc.com
GOT Interface Website: gotinterface.com
Headwall Photonics Website: headwallphotonics.com
Lilypad Scales Website: lilypadscales.com
RightHand Robotics Website: righthandrobotics.com
Podimetrics Website: podimetrics.com
Rangecast Website: rangecast.com
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions savannahrivernuclearsolutions.com
Pall Corporation Website: pall.com
Spectro Scientific Website: spectrosci.com
6 River Systems Website: 6river.com
L-Tronics supports entrepreneurs during the early “proof of product” stage, through commercialization by providing experienced manufacturing staff, technical and manufacturing support.
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